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Headline : Thais invited to quit drinking in celebration of Buddhist Rains Retreat
Date : 11   กรกฏาคม   2560
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By Mr.D

Thais invited to quit drinking in celebration of Buddhist Rains Retreat

As the period of observance of the annual Buddhist Rains Retreat arrives, Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha has invited members of the public to make merit, do good deeds and refrain from drinking alcohol for the next three months.

He also called on the public to uphold the five Buddhist precepts that would be a great tribute to His Majesty the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej. The five precepts of Buddhism consist of refraining from 1) harming living things, 2) stealing, 3) sexual misconduct, 4) lying or withholding the truth, and 5) taking intoxicating substances such as alcohol and drugs.

Buddhist Lent is a traditional practice of the Theravada Buddhist. Monks are required to remain in residence within their temples for three-month period and are able to leave monastery only when necessary while laypeople show their support by offering food and other necessities to the monks.


Interesting Vocabularies:

observance: พิธีกรรม เทศกาล

Giving alms to the monks is part of the religious observance in Buddhism.


 Buddhist Lent / Buddhist Rains Retreat: เข้าพรรษา

During Buddhist Lent (Buddhist Rains Retreat), monks have to stay within the temples for three months.


make merit: ทำบุญ

We make merit by dropping money into the donation box.


refrain from (doing sth): งดเว้นจากการกระทำบางอย่าง / ละเว้นจากการกระทำบางอย่าง

To stay in good health, you must refrain from smoking cigarettes.


uphold the five precepts: รักษาศีล 5

On Buddhist Holy day, I always uphold the five precepts.


consist of: ประกอบด้วย

The main ingredients of fried rice consist of rice, egg, meat and seasoning.


sexual misconduct: การประพฤติผิดในกาม

We must refrain from sexual misconduct.


withhold the truth: ปิดบังความจริง

To withhold the truth in order to avoid hurting other people’s feeling is called “white lie”.


intoxicating substance: สารมึนเมา (ของมึนเมานั้นแหละ)

The excessive consumption of intoxicating substance leads to many illnesses.


(be) required to: (จำเป็น) ต้อง

For your safety, it is required to strictly follow the rules.


layperson / layman: ฆราวาส

One of the layperson’s duties is to support Buddhism.


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Photo Credit: Jack Kurtz (http://kurtzjack.photoshelter.com)

News Source: National News Bureau of Thailand